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Kroger, the world’s third-largest retailer with $110 billion in sales and a 35-state footprint, is increasing investment in its own stores – more than $4 billion to open new stores, expand or renovate old supermarkets. As part of this plan, Kroger enlisted fellow member of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber MN8®, developer of photoluminescent safety products, to install its LumAware® energy-free exit signs at all new and renovated Kroger stores nationwide.

Hotel Business Features MN8 Foxfire Photoluminescent Solutions

Recent Florida building code changes relating to egress have helped shed some light on photoluminescent solutions, and at least one firefighter is looking to supply hotels with solutions that make them compliant. The 2010 Florida building code now requires that residential occupancies containing sleeping units—such as hotels and motels more than 75 ft. in height—must have approved luminous egress path-marking delineating the exit path.

Washington DC Power Outage

An explosion at a Maryland power plant has caused a major power outage that affected the White House, the US Capitol, US State Department and the University of Maryland as well as other buildings in Washington D.C. and Maryland. The outage affected 8,000 customers in Washington DC. Southern Maryland Electric Company (SMECO) states that over 21,00 customers without power.

University of Oregon Law Library Selects MN8 Foxfire for its New Photoluminescent Emergency Exit System

MN8-Foxfire, developer of photoluminescent safety products, today announced that the University of Oregon (UO) Law Library chose MN8 Foxfire for its new photoluminescent emergency exit system to provide safe evacuation in any condition

Photoluminescence Technology Saves Lives, Energy and Costs

Anything with batteries or electricity will fail when you need it most. Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) safety and egress systems are more effective.

What Does Miss Universe And LumAware Have In Common?

Should a power failure occur during the Miss Universe pageant, participants and all of the attendees can know that MN8 Foxfire will illuminate their way to safety as they evacuate. The same MN8 Foxfire technology used by over 60,000 firefighters is being used by Florida International University’s arena to illuminate the stairs, railings and safety signage as it guides people to safety.


Top 50 Reasons Back-Up Generators Fail

LinkedIn’s Facilities Management Group (68,000+ members) recently asked the question “What are the most common diesel generator failures that you have come across?”. There were close to 200 responses that stated or implied 50 different reasons.