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Anything electric with batteries and light bulbs can fail when you need it the most.

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Want to see how much you can save with LumAware EXIT signs?

We are very pleased with the results of our LumAware egress installation. When the lights are on, the LumAware products are practically invisible and don’t take over the venue. However, if the lights go out the product is going to safely lead people out. It’s a fool proof safety enhancement.

Bill KashatusDirector of Operations, BB&T Center

When power is interrupted or lighting systems fail, LumAware greatly improves individuals ability to locate avenues of egress, fire extinguishers, trip hazards, and exits in critical situations. Battery operated back up lighting systems and electric signage are useful in these situations as long as they are adequately maintained and replaced. However, if they are not adequately maintained and serviced they provide no value when they are needed most. What makes the LumAware products so unique is that they basically require zero maintenance and service and their strong afterglow serves as their own light emitter without the need for batteries or electricity.

Robert R. RielageEFO, CFO, FlFireE Former Fire Marshal, State of Ohio

Sometimes it feels like replacing and testing EXIT sign batteries and lightbulbs never end. I’m always getting called away to other critical projects so it makes it difficult to complete each month. Since we installed the LumAware energy free EXIT signs, I no longer have to worry about that monthly headache and I can now use that free time for more important and time sensitive projects.

John Layne Senior Engineer, Highland Towers

Prepared when you need it most.

When power is out and backup systems fail, you are left in the dark. The safety of your facility’s occupants depends on a well-planned egress (exit) plan and clear escape route markings.

As our products are designed by firefighters for firefighters and those we protect; we’ve taken the knowledge we’ve learned from firefighting practices to make your buildings safer and better.

LumAware, formerly known as FoxFire, offers innovative, flexible and UL listed and certified comprehensive solutions for integrating photoluminescence into your egress systems. These solutions are ideal for use in industrial and environmental settings, commercial or residential buildings, theme parks, stadiums and even underground mines.


Save Energy, Save Money, Save Lives with LumAware

LumAware products are easy-to-install, durable and provide a long reliable photoluminescent afterglow, ranging from a self-leveling easy to apply stair edging/nosing. Our Safety & Egress products range from a self-leveling easy to apply stair edging to permanent railing covers to a wide range of illuminating signage.

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