Exit Technology
Reliable and cost-effective safety lighting with no electricity required.

Easy to install

Unlike traditional electric-powered signs, our photoluminescent exit signs require no electricity to illuminate, making them easier to position and install.

Significant Cost Savings

Save money from expensive maintenance costs compared to LED, fluorescent (CFL), and incandescent lighting options.


Given our commitment to our client’s safety, rest assured that our photoluminescent signs follow building safety requirements.

The Problem With Electric EXIT Signs

Watch the videos below for helpful information about what low cost, maintenance free Photoluminescent EXIT signs can do for you and your organization.

EXIT Sign Energy Use By The Numbers

The facts are in: LumAware’s Photoluminescent EXIT sign technology saves cost and energy over LED, Fluorescent (CFL) and Incandescent lighting options. It’s a critical long-term investment for facilities looking to improve their bottom line, increase safety, and decrease maintenance time.
Exit Sign Lighting Technology LumAware Photoluminescent LED Fluorescent / CFL Incandescent
Annual Energy Costs
0 kWh
44 kWh
140 kWh
350 kWh
Annual Energy Costs
Lamp Service Life
Not Applicable
10+ Years
10.8 Months
2.8 Months
Annual Carbon Dioxide (C02) Pollution
0 Pounds
72 Pounds
230 Pounds
574 Pounds
Table from www.energystar.gov and modified to include LumAware Photoluminescent.