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With the Industry’s First Low-Density Self-Fusing Silicone Rescue Wrap/Tape

What to Expect

Low-density, self-fusing silicone wrap
Patented proprietary formula provides superior properties over conventional wraps and tapes
Achieves cold fusion bond independent of temperature and without any adhesives

Fuseall™ is the only low-density, self-fusing silicone wrap on the market. You can use it to replace conventional rescue tapes or wraps in any environment. Our patented formula allows for a self-fusing bond without the need for additional adhesives, chemicals, or heat.

Fuseall™ can:

  • Withstand extreme temperature, pressure, voltage, and moisture
  • Retain self-fusing capabilities despite repeated flexing and exposure to the elements
  • Resist corrosion and contamination
  • Preserve compression even when wrapped around both regular and irregular shapes
  • Be removed without leaving any residue

Fuseall™ is available in General Purpose and Anti-Microbial variants.

Why Fuseall™?

Who can use Fuseall™?

Fuseall has a variety of uses and applications in various industries including:






And More

Fix, Seal, Insulate, Protect with Fuseall™:

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Fuseall™ is Powered by LumAware™. Get in touch with us today to get safety data sheets and other resources.
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