Recent changes to the building codes have required the following updates as per the International Building Codes for R-1 classified high rises.

Area Affected Impact on New & Used Existing Building Construction Section of Code
Stair Edges A solid and continuous stripe of self-luminous meeting ASTM e2072 and shall be applied to the horizontal leading edge to each step and shall extend for the full length of the step. 1025.2.1
Landings Leading edge of the landings shall be marked with a self-luminous stripe meeting ASTM e2072 standards consistent with the dimensional requirement for steps. 1025.2.2
Hand Rails Hand rails shall be marked with a solid and continuous stripe of self-luminous meeting ASTM e2072 placed on the top surface of the hand rail for the entire length (including extensions). 1025.2.3
Doorway Handles Top and sides of exit doorframes shall be marked with a solid and continuous self-luminous stripe meeting that ASTM e2072 standard. 1025.2.6.3
Door Handles Door hardware shall be marked with not less than 16 sq. Inches of self-luminous material meeting the ASTM e2072 standard, and shall be located immediately adjacent to or on the door handle. 1025.2.6.2
Stairwell ID Signs / Roof Access Signs self-luminous stairway identification signs meeting ASTM e2072 are required on each floor landing in interior exit stairways connecting more than three stories that designate the floor level, and the terminus of the top and bottom of the interior exit stairway. The signs should state the story of and direction to the exit, as well as availability of roof access. 1023.9
Low Level Exit Signs Additional low level exit signs shall be provided in all areas serving hotel/motel guest rooms using UL 924 labelled exit signs, or universally recognized symbols for egress compliant with NFPA 170. 1013.2
Stand Pipe Signs Stand pipes shall be identified in an improved manner by a permanently attached sign in a color that contrasts the background color indicating equipment contained therein. 912.5
Extinguisher Signs Portable fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed or obscured in rooms or areas in which visual instruction cannot be completely avoided. Means shall be provided to locate the extinguisher locations. 906.6
Ext. FD Connection Signs A metal sign with raised letters shall be mounted on all fire department connections serving automatic sprinklers, stand pipes, or fire pump connections. 912.5

Low-level EXIT signs are important as they are required by the IBC (International Building Code) so you can find the emergency stairwells when smoke obscures the overhead lighting and EXIT signs. Energy free EXIT signs are perfect for low-level applications as they are easy to install and are damage resistant.

Additionally, LumAware energy free EXIT signs never need:

Monthly inspections only require a visual inspection and no longer require your maintenance/facility team to physically do the 30-second monthly test nor the annual 90-minute test.

These signs are visually appealing and can easily be installed and moved as no wiring, junction boxes, circuits or qualified electrician is needed.

In addition to energy free EXIT signs, LumAware has a full suite a safety and egress products to help hotels guide their staff and guests to safety in the event of an emergency.

Some of these other solutions are:

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