LumAware™ offers several options for retail facilities that major national chains such as Kroger has adopted.

Electric EXIT signs are expensive to install and maintain. The typical cost of installing an EXIT sign is $125 for every 25 feet. In a large “Big Box” type facility, the EXIT sign installation could be over $1,000.

The benefits of LumAware energy free EXIT signs are that they never need:

  • Batteries to test or replace
  • Lightbulbs to test or replace
  • Electricity
  • Maintenance

Additionally, monthly inspections only require a visual inspection and no longer require your maintenance/facility team to physically do the 30-second monthly test nor the annual 90-minute test.

These signs are visually appealing and can easily be installed and moved as no wiring, junction boxes, circuits or qualified electrician is needed.

In addition to energy free EXIT signs, LumAware has a full suite a safety and egress products to help retail facilities guide their shoppers and staff to safety in the event of an emergency.

Some of these other solutions are:

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