Tritium Removal

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Tritium is monitored and controlled by the NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Failure to comply with NRC requirements regarding the use and disposal of tritium exit signs may result in severe penalties.

Tritium, escaping from broken or damaged exit signs, will contaminate your facility and could result in huge liability or safety issues.

Clean up of tritium is an enormously costly and complicated process typically is over $100,000 per occurrence.

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Tritium is the only radioactive isotope of hydrogen

Tritium is used in fission and thermonuclear weapons to increase the yield (explosive force). Exports of tritium are controlled by agencies of the US government to prevent rogue states and terrorists from collecting enough material to aid the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

The US Environment Protection Agency recommends the following actions. Some basic precautions can minimize the risks of broken or damaged tritium exit signs. The tritium in exit signs can be identified by the tube (sealed source) that contains tritium. In an exit sign, the tubes are used to spell out the word EXIT.

Tritium Exit Sign Precautions

A tritium exit sign should be clearly labeled with a statement that it contains tritium. Return outdated tritium exit signs to the manufacturer. The address of the manufacturer usually can be found on the back of the tritium exit sign. The manufacturer can provide instructions on how to ship the tritium exit sign safely. Disposal of the broken sign should be arranged through the manufacturer or a health physics consultant.

When an exit sign containing tritium is damaged and the sealed tube within the sign is broken, you should:

Leave the sign alone;
Do not touch it.

Evacuate the area

Isolate the area;
Do not allow entry.

Ventilate the area
to the outside.

Identify all individuals
possibly exposed.