University of Oregon Law Library Selects MN8 Foxfire for its New Photoluminescent Emergency Exit System

MN8-Foxfire, developer of photoluminescent safety products, today announced that the University of Oregon (UO) Law Library chose MN8 Foxfire for its new photoluminescent emergency exit system to provide safe evacuation in any condition.

In the past two years, the UO Law Library experienced numerous power outages, including a steam tunnel explosion during which the emergency back-up electrical lighting system failed. Staff members at the library were uneasy about not having a fail-safe evacuation system. In response to staff concerns, the UO Law Library installed MN8 Foxfire’s photoluminescent safety and exit signage in the stairwells.

“If our emergency back-up power system fails, the Foxfire exit path markings and signage glow so brightly, anyone could easily just walk right out of the building,” said Jim Horstrup, Building Manager at University of Oregon Law Center. “You could almost read a newspaper by it! If there were an emergency, I wouldn’t worry about needing a flashlight or any other illuminating device in our stairwells. With Foxfire, the potential for safe evacuation has increased drastically.”

Additionally, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, photoluminescent exit signs are the most energy efficient exit signs available. They charge quickly from any light source and can be recharged indefinitely. In locations with proper charging sources, they can have an unlimited service life.

The William Knight Law Center (in which the Law Library resides) is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified building. They monitor the use of electricity and heating closely. In addition to providing life-saving exit guidance, Foxfire’s photoluminescent safety products also qualify for LEED credits, which according to Horstrup “will be helpful when the Law Center applies for LEED re-certification.”

Now a part of the International Building Code and International Fire Code (which Oregon has adopted), photoluminescent exit path markings are required within the emergency escape stairwell enclosures of all buildings over 75 feet in height.

“Even though the University of Oregon Law Library building is below state requirements, they are proactively following these codes to ensure their staff and patrons feel safe and know they have a fail-safe evacuation system,” said Zach Green, CEO of MN8 Foxfire. “Battery-powered systems and back-up generators used as redundancy systems for emergency and egress lighting are unreliable and create an immense false sense of security. Foxfire’s photoluminescent eco-friendly products reduce panic, increase safety, and most importantly – work when you need them most.”

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