Washington DC Power Outage

An explosion at a Maryland power plant has caused a major power outage that affected the White House, the US Capitol, US State Department and the University of Maryland as well as other buildings in Washington D.C. and Maryland. The outage affected 8,000 customers in Washington DC. Southern Maryland Electric Company (SMECO) states that over 21,00 customers without power.





It is vitally important that when these blackouts occur people should quickly and efficiently find their way to safety. This includes having signage that is visible in the dark without the need for external lighting our internal batteries. Additionaly, primary and secondary means of egress (leaving the facility) should be easily navigated regardless of back-up lighting working.

There is no question that it’s a matter of when vs. if the next blackout will occur. Blackouts will continue to happen more frequently (see below)



Redundant safety systems that don’t rely on batteries or electric are critical during a power failure.

Would you rather rely on the tiny light from your mobile phone to evacuate a stairwell or UL tested Advanced Photoluminescent Technology ® egress solutions developed by MN8 Foxfire that have been designed and tested by firefighters?

Although many back-up generators and battery systems did eventually work on the Washington DC blackout on April 7th, 2015, early reports show that thousands of people that were plunged into complete darkness before they could find their way to safety.

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